Legal, Analyst



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Job Descriptions:

  • Responsible for processing the Company's Legal Identities, and related documentation.
  • Update national and local regulations, especially those related to company licensing.
  • Monitor the performance of the Compliance Program and take appropriate steps to increase effectiveness.
  • Ensure proper registration on Trademark and/or Intellectual Property Right.
  • Ensure the company’s business activity is to comply with the Indonesian Law.
  • Liaise and maintain a good communication with governmental institutions/officials in regard to obtain the necessary licenses/permit for the company.
  • Provide legal advice or advice to head section.
  • Gather and process the legal matters or documents of the Company’s projects in order to fulfill the legal requirements and support the Company’s objectives.  
  • Analysis of contracts for compliance with current legislation, for compliance with the organization requirements.
  • Any others task which will be given by the head section.

Job Qualifications

  • Excellent working speed, well organized and detail oriented.
  • Able to provide legal opinion/advice in accordance with the prevailing regulations.
  • Well experienced on providing monthly reports, and requirements in listed company.
  • Having knowledge of ISO certification especially for ISO 27001.
  • Passionate in government relations and an understanding of its impact on corporate brand and business.
  • Strong analytic skill on government policies, regulations or political situation that may impact business operations.
  • At least 3-4 years experience at listed company experience is preferred.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Law.